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Frequently Asked Questions

Is special software required to access the Deployment Analyzer?  
What database programs are available?   
What countries are represented in the database?  
What data is available in the database?
What is the research methodology for information gathering in the database?
How frequently is data updated?
Who can access the database?
Does the DA provide historical data?
Which therapeutic areas are covered in the Deployment Analyzer?
What is the methodology for determining product FTEs and product promotional priority?
What does the abbreviation FTE stand for?
How does PharmaForce International calculate FTE’s?
What does the abbreviation PC stand for? 
What does the abbreviation Specialty (Sp) stand for?  
What does the number "Reach: # of HCP's" represent?  
What does the ratio "Reach: % PC versus Sp" represent?  
What does the number "Frequency: Calls per Qtr" represent?  
What do the numbers "Frequency: Tier1 - Tier5" represent?  
What is the definition of a Tier 1 physician?
Does the database show the target physician audience split for the Sp category? 

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